We wish that the time spent in Marakratt would pass joyfully and without a worry!
Before coming to play in Marakratt, it is obligatory to read the internal rules beforehand.
While entering our play centre, a child, parent or entrusted person shall also give his/her consent to follow the internal rules of the play centre.

  1. Marakratt play centre is meant for independent playing. The employees of the centre will not be responsible, nor do they exercise supervision over unaccompanied children. The responsibility for the child left to play in the play centre lies on the parent, caretaker or the child.
  2. In the play centre we welcome to play 4-12-year–old children without parents.
  3. Children up to the age of 4 are asked to come with a parent or a caretaker.
  4. Children with special needs are required to have a parent or caretaker with them at all times.
  5. A parent or a caretaker may enter the play centre with their child/children.
  6. For the sake of smooth service, we will first serve the parents whose children are leaving the play centre.
  7. We ask you to leave children´s overcoats and footwear at the intended spot. If necessary, you can ask our personnel for help.
  8. Due to health requirements, we ask that neither the children nor their parents enter the play centre barefooted or wearing shoes and wear socks instead. Parents, who enter the area of the play centre, have the opportunity to buy shoe covers if necessary.
  9. When a child enters the play centre, we give the child’s parent or an authorized person a ticket, which has the entrance fee to the play centre and the start time. We ask the parents to leave their phone number to our employee, so they could be contacted if necessary.
  10. Primary ticket purchase is calculated by the hour (0,5h and 1,5 EUR). When a ticket exceeds its time limit, additional payments are calculated by half an hour.
  11. When a child has already entered the playground, we cannot refund the already paid amount. Therefore, we recommend that parents whose child has never been to the play centre before, come with their child to play.
  12. We ask that you present the ticket to our employee when you come to pick up your child.
  13. A child who has become ill cannot enter the play centre. If an unwell child nevertheless has come to our playing field, the parent will be notified of their child’s health status and asked to pick the child up. In such a case, we cannot refund the already paid amount.
  14. If a child is behaving in a way that is dangerous to themselves and to fellow players, then the workers of the play centre have the right to ask the parents to pick the child up, call a security guard or the police.
  15. It is not allowed to enter the territory of our play centre with your own drink and food. We ask you to consume the food and drinks that we sell in the intended area.
  16. Marakratt play centre is not responsible for personal belongings lost or stolen during your stay, including damages caused by lost, stolen or damaged valuables. Therefore, we advise you to carefully monitor your personal belongings.
  17. Marakratt play centre or its employees are not responsible for possible accidents that may occur with the visitors while on the territory, except accidents caused by faults in attractions or playing equipment.
  18. The play centre reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow our internal rules is intentionally breaking toys or is unfriendly towards fellow players.
  19. The play centre reserves the right to claim full compensation for broken toys and inventory.

Playgrounds of the play centre Marakratt meet or exceed the criteria set by security associations of many
countries, including the standards set by TÜV (Rheinland Product Safety, European Union).

For additional information, write

Thank you for visiting our play centre!
We wish you and your children a fun and enjoyable playtime!