Marakratt play centre is an indoor play centre, located in the Kvartal shopping centre in Tartu. It is inspired by a fantasy world, where exciting and full of fun characters are respected and every child´s duty is to just have fun! You are awaited by:

  • An exciting birthday room
  • A children´s sports court
  • A ball pit
  • A climbing area
  • A climbing area suitable for infants, who are already crawling
  • A play area for ball machines
  • A racetrack meant for pedal cars

Why choose us?

Qualified personnel

One of our advantages is qualified personnel, who are friendly, attentive and caring, all so the children could feel comfortable, happy and completely dedicated to playing and having fun.

We like cleanliness!

Our customers also like this. Our play centre’s cleanliness is praised in more than half of our customer feedback forms.

Highest quality in everything!

We are striving for highest quality in everything, in services as well as in safety and cleanliness. We evolve and grow with the children!

International certificates

The attractions in our play centre are acknowledged with international certificates that confirm their safety. Our workers have passed first aid training and they educate themselves annually.